i know i’m helllllaaaa late on the bandwagon, but i am completely obsessed with disclosure and sam smith and holy shit i can’t stop listening to all version of latch O________O <3

pregnancy is literally the scariest thing in the world nope nope nope i’m never getting pregnant fuck that

sometimes i want to escape society altogether. it’s scary how the media has overcome every aspect of our lives. i can’t live without my phone, without connection to facebook, tumblr, instagram… the outside world. i have to post a status or a photo or something to one of my social media sites pretty much every day or i’ll feel incomplete. i have to let all 300 something whatever followers/friends on the internet exactly what i’m doing at every moment of my life! i have to show them that i’m having fun, that i have a really nice outfit on today, that i just spent a grand on a plane ticket to blahblahblah and that my life is better than theirs. that’s really all it comes down to. the perfect selfie, the perfect filter, to get so many likes, so that i can feel good about myself that a hundred something people liked my photo on ig. it honestly disgusts me but i’ve tried to let go of social media and can’t because it has ruled our society. i need to escape all of that… i wish i could go somewhere with no social media, no cameras, no technology, and just… be. i miss the old days when the funnest thing i did was go to the library and drown myself in tons of books. my imagination was my instagram news feed. i miss my old self. fuck this world man.