another thing i’ve learned in life:

you really do may think you know something, i mean, so clearly and passionately, and absolutely….. but you don’t. you can be so fucking sure of something, so sure it hurts. heh two years later you’ll be laughing tho.

one thing i’ve learned about life:

it really is all about sacrifices. looking at the bigger picture of things and what will make you happy or feel pleasure NOW versus in the long run- days, months, years from now. ex) will arguing with someone who is obviously very stuck in their ways rly make the situation any better? it may feel good to “put them in their place”, but what i’ve realized is that, being the bigger person is honestly a lot easier. it’s so fucking cliche & it sucks to have to bite your tongue. but it’s just not worth the extra energy to have tension between you, or to be in a fight for a couple days, or whatever. i’m all about just letting things go, letting people have their way, and just choosing to be happy and to overlook things. it’s hard, yeah, obviously. but wayyyyyy worth it.